Winter Holiday Season

Acer Gardens is open through the winter holiday season! Starting around Thanksgiving, we highlight our poinsettias, amaryllis, greens and fresh cut Christmas trees. Our poinsettias are grown right on site in our annual greenhouses.



These delightful bulbs come in an array of colors, from white to pink, and even red stripes! Our top grade bulbs are sold individually or pre-potted for easy enjoyment. Amaryllis make it feel like spring even in these cold, dark months, and often continue to bloom through the winter. 

Video: How to Plant Amaryllis with Priscilla


May your days be #merry and #bright, ful

Our cutting edge, Acer grown poinsettias are started in late summer in our annual growing houses, and carefully cared for to ensure maximum holiday impact.

Available in 4.5" pots: 'Premium Ice Crystal', 'Premium Polar', 'Premium Red', 'Tapestry'

Available in 6.5" pots: 'Princettia Hot Pink', 'Princettia Pure White', 'Snowy White', 'Christmas Day Red', 'Burgundy', 'Prestige Red', 'Ice Punch', 'Alaska White', "Winter Rose', "Red Glitter' 

Available in 10" pots: 'Burgundy', 'Snowy White', and 'Prestige Red'

Gift Cards


Need a gift for a friend or family member who loves plants and the outdoors?  We offer gift cards, with no expiration date, that can be used on anything for sale at the Nursery.

Call our office to mail a gift card out or order an eGift card online.

Succulents & Houseplants

2020-12-5- Echeveria chihuahuaensis

Hardy and Tender Succulents are available at the nursery in 2" pots, 4.5" pots, and 6" hanging baskets.  Most succulents enjoy a sunny spot during the summer and can handle indirect light during the winter.  Water minimally and enjoy your new plants this season!

Christmas Trees

2016-11-30-Christmas trees.jpg

Our fresh cut Douglas fir, Fraser fir and Concolor fir come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for any space. They are cut just two days before Thanksgiving, ensuring healthy trees through the new year. Our helpful staff will give your tree a fresh cut, wrap it, and tie it down to your vehicle, all complimentary.

Fresh Greens & Roping

A cold crisp #morning, a touch of #frost

Not only do we offer your standard pine, fir, and arborvitae fresh cut greenery, we also sell a variety of unusual fresh cut greens such as boxwood, cryptomeria, juniper and chamaecyparis. Wonderful for creating your own winter containers and freshening the home. Nothing smells better!

Wreath, Swags, and Seasonal Gifts

2016-11-30- Wreaths_edited.jpg

Our custom created wreaths, swags and small arrangements are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. No two are alike. We use a high quality anti-desiccant to keep our greens fresh and long lasting, for season-long enjoyment.



Bring a touch of spring indoors with our easy to care for paperwhite bulbs. Planted in stone or glass, simply add water to your container, and watch your flowers grow. Small white, fragrant daffodil flowers bloom abundantly for weeks and weeks.