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The days are getting longer and the ground is getting warmer, Spring must be right around the corner! Pansies and cool season flowers can tolerate light April frosts, with the average last frost in May.  We also offer vegetable starts, forced bulbs, and colorful potted Hydrangeas and Martha Washington Geraniums.

We still have pansies left, but they're going fast! Our hyacinth and tulips should be in f


Cool season pansies will add spring color to any yard, and can tolerate freezing temperatures. These small spring bloomers are available in all different sizes and colors.  We carry large flowered pansies, ruffled pansies, and Johnny-jump-ups. 

Oops, we missed our first #tuliptuesday! Did you know that bulbs need the cold chill of wi


Spring bulbs are great cool season plants.  They can be planted in the garden to be enjoyed every year or in containers to brighten up any space.  We sell a variety of tulips and daffodils, as well as alliums, snow drops, and hyacinths. Easter lilies are also seasonally available.

Always incredibly popular, the Martha Washington geraniums are here! Perfect for your #spr

martha washington geraniums

Bring a touch of spring to your table or container with a bright-colored Martha Washington Geranium: available in pink, purple, white or red.  Martha Washingtons love the cool spring weather and do best in a bright location.

Don't be #blue about the weather, we've got tons of #color to lift your spirits! How about

forced hydrangeas

Early blooming for your Spring enjoyment! These impressive large flowering Hydrangeas come in different shades of blue, purple, pink, and red.  Hydrangeas enjoy cool weather, indirect sunlight and moist soil. 

Botanical Seed 2_26_21

vegetable seeds & starters

Acer Gardens is your “go to” place for vegetable seeds and starter plants. Knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose what you need to make your vegetable growing a pleasure.  Spring is the optimum time to direct sow or plant peas, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, cabbage, leeks, carrots, parsley, onions, Swiss chard, kale and micro-greens.

2019-03-22-Lobularia Raspberry Stream


Lobularia, sweet alyssum, is among the many annuals that thrive in the springtime.   Cool-weather annuals can be planted in your containers or gardens and will thrive all season long. Other cold tolerant annuals include: Petunias, Verbenas, Calibrachoas, Sedums, and Osteospermums.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 7.48.28 PM.png

Summer Flowering bulbs

Plant Acidanthera, Calla Lillies, Cannas, Elephant Ears, Gladiolus, and Oriental Lilies after the last frost date or start the plants indoors before moving them outside to the garden.  Don't forget to dig up annual bulbs in the Fall and store in a cool place over the winter.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 8.04.33 PM.png

Easter lilies

Easter Lilies are specially grown to bloom in time for the Easter season, these fragrant bulbs are perfect for lending beauty and aroma to a sunny space.  These beauties will continue to bloom for several weeks.


Cool weather and dependable rains makes Fall a very enjoyable season to work in the garden, and a perfect time for planting.  Visit us to see our assortment of late-blooming flowering plants as well as pumpkins and frost tolerant annuals.

Mums are here!


Our benches are filled with Mums in every color.  Spruce up your containers and gardens with beautiful Mums and if you don't have room, enjoy our hanging baskets.  Mums love the cool weather and can even bloom through frost.

Did someone say #pumpkin spice__._.jpg

PUMPKINS, GOURDS & Indian corn

Stop by for Pumpkins, Gourds and Indian Corn and bring some Fall color home!  Also great accents in mixed Fall annual containers. 

2021-8-18-Bulb Display.jpg


Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs! Perennial, early blooming bulbs can be planted until the soil freezes solid. Tuck them into rock gardens, pop them under trees or scatter them at the edge of the lawn. With careful planning, you can have blooms from late March to early May!

Hard and soft neck garlic is also available.

Our #perennial #mums are the epitome of #fallcolor! Strong and hardy, our Dendranthema 'Ig

Perennial Mums

Oure perennial mums (Dendranthema) are the epitome of Fall color.  Strong and hardy, our Perennial Mums offer bright Fall flowers on neat plants for an effortless Fall garden.  Remember to trim your mums in June for a better Fall display, and plant them in full sun.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 8.20.18 PM.png


Purple and blue are Fall colors, we promise!  Annual Asters are perfectly at home in the summer or Fall garden, and help us transition into the cool nights of autumn.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 9.00.30 PM (1).png

Bareroot peonies

Did you know that in addition to Fall planted Spring bulbs, you can also plant bareroot Peonies in the Fall.  Add our bareroot Peonies to the garden in autumn for stunning flowers in early June.  Follow planting instructions carefully, and don't plant to deep.


late flowering annuals

Celosia, Ornamental Peppers, Pennisetum rubrum are only a few of the Fall annuals we carry that will last to frost.  These dazzling annuals will add a pop of color to your mixed containers and gardens..

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 8.43.25 PM.png

late flowering perennials

There's no excuse for a boring fall garden! Late blooming perennials like Asters, Anemones, Sedums and Solidago are essential pollen sources for native pollinators, and are available in a range of colors. Tricyrtis and Cimicifuga are great options for the shade.


We are open through the winter holiday season.  Did your know that we grow over 1100 poinsettias every year, right here in our annual greenhouses? We start them in July, and they are available for sale around Thanksgiving. We also offer a variety of amaryllis, greens and fresh cut Christmas trees, as well as seasonal gifts. 

poinsettia winter rose.jpg


Our cutting edge, Acer grown poinsettias are started in late summer in our greenhouses and carefully cared for to ensure maximum holiday impact.  Poinsettias are available the week before Thanksgiving.



These delightful bulbs come in an array of colors, from white to pink, and even red stripes! Our top grade bulbs are sold individually or pre-potted for easy enjoyment. Amaryllis make it feel like spring even in these cold, dark months, and often continue to bloom through the winter. 

Our paperwhite Narcissus bulbs have us thinking #spring, and it's not even Christmas yet!


Bring a touch of spring indoors with our easy to care for paperwhite bulbs. Planted in stone or glass, simply add water to your container, and watch your flowers grow. Small white, fragrant daffodil flowers bloom abundantly for weeks and weeks.

Cut Trees

cut christmas trees

Our fresh cut Douglas and Fraser Fir come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for any space. They are cut right before Thanksgiving, ensuring healthy trees through the new year. Our helpful staff will give your tree a fresh cut, wrap it, and tie it down to your vehicle, all complimentary.

A cold crisp #morning, a touch of #frost, #evergreens shining in the sun. This is the #del

fresh greens & Garland

Not only do we offer your standard pine, fir, and arborvitae fresh cut greenery, we also sell a variety of unusual fresh cut greens such as boxwood, cryptomeria, juniper and chamaecyparis. Wonderful for creating your own winter containers and freshening the home. Nothing smells better!

wreaths, swags & evergreen arrangements

Our custom decorated wreaths, swags and small evergreen arrangements are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. No two are alike. We use a high quality anti-desiccant to keep our greens fresh and long lasting, for season-long enjoyment.

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