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Bill and Sharon Harris have owned and operated the 18-acre nursery since 1983, with daughter Rosemary Delello joining the team in 2013 to continue the family legacy. Located in Deep River, CT, the nursery has 11 greenhouses, acres of growing plant material and many beautiful display gardens.  One of our greatest assets is our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff, always ready and available to help and assist you.




The nursery is situated in a unique location near both the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. Temperatures here are moderated by both bodies of water and the river valley soil is very fertile. Our climate zone is listed as 6a but many of the plants we sell are hardy to zone 4.

Acer is named for our first specialty, the Japanese Maple tree so much a part of the New England landscape.  The Latin designation, Acer, covers that group of large and small trees, grown primarily for shade and ornamental foliage.  We still feature many unusual maple trees and currently grow over 160 varieties.


We currently plant and grow 1,800 varieties of perennials and over 700 different annuals!  The wide range of plants the nursery offers includes grasses, ferns, vines, alpines, succulents, herbs, vegetable, shrubs, roses, and trees.  Pre-planted seasonal containers are available as well as a wide selection of empty containers and troughs.


Acer Gardens mixes, and makes available to customers, our own blends of fertilizers, grass seeds and succulent potting soil as well as our special topsoil/compost mixture.  We also carry a wide range of products to help you with your gardening needs. 

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