Acer Gardens boasts a broad array of colors, textures and sizes of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. We grow approximately 95% of our annuals and perennials, and 25% of our tree and shrub material directly on site, ensuring quality plant material from the very beginning. We even grow many of our varieties right from seed collected on property. All other plant material is carefully sourced from all over, to ensure the very best for your garden.

From spring until frost, we have 5 greenhouses filled with color. Whether you're a backyard farmer looking for organic veggies and herbs, or an urban home owner looking for curb appeal, we've got you covered. 

From foliage to flowers, Acer's perennials collection consists of over 1,800 varieties, and counting, of sun and shade lovers. Our four outdoor holding areas and four greenhouses full of plants are waiting to delight you.

Fun flowers, exfoliating bark, exotic fragrance, winter interest, edible fruit - Acer's trees and shrubs will overwhelm your senses. We offer both large and small containers and balled and burlap material.

Every season at Acer brings in new color that is specific for that time of year. Whether it is spring bulbs and pansies, fall mum and pumpkins, or winter greens and poinsettias, you'll find it here.