Featured Perennials

With over 1,800 varieties to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite perennial. Here are a few we are really excited about for the 2021 season! 

Calamintha nepeta



2021 Perennial Plant of the Year


Not to be confused with true catmint, Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta is a lesser known cousin, but a must-have in the sunny perennial garden. Pollinators adore the small, pale blue flowers, which bloom from summer through frost. Long blooming and tolerant of dry, poor soils, it is stunning planted in long drifts in the garden, with spikes of flowers and fragrant foliage reaching 12-15" tall. The vigorous roots form a thick growth that easily smothers weeds for a low maintenance garden. Happiest in full to partial sun, Calamintha is hardy for zones 4-7. 

Everyone loves #milkweed! Not only do th

Our perennial inventory consists of plants carried over from the previous season, and those newly planted, making it highly variable. Check our entire perennial inventory, but please call us for specific plant availability. Some plants may still be growing and will be available later in the season. 

Sunny Perennials

Clematis 'Golden Harvest'


'Golden Harvest' is one of our new Clematis this season. Bright yellow, bell shaped flowers with black stamens cover the climbing vines from July to September, easily reaching 8-12' in a season. Hardy to zone 4, it can be completely cut down each year. Most Clematis are happiest with morning sun and afternoon shade.

Clematis Available end of May 2021

Echinacea 'Cherry Fluff'

With over 27 varieties of Echinacea on our 2021 benches, you can say it's our favorite perennial! Our new 'Tanager' is a 22-24" burnt orange with 3-4" wide flowers. 'Butterfly Julia' is a compact, golden orange reaching 15-18" tall. 'Sombrero Rosada' features bright pink flowers on an 18-20" plant. We've also brought back an old favorite, 'Cherry Fluff", with lime green and pink, double flowers reaching 12-15" tall.

Available July 2021

Heliopsis 'Bleeding Hearts'

Everblooming Daylilies


Deer and rabbit resistant, pollinator friendly, drought tolerant, hardy to zone 3, fall blooming AND native?  Heliopis are amazing! 'Burning Heart' is a golden flower with an orange eye, reaching 18-24" high. 'Bleeding Hearts' reaches 4' tall with scarlet and orange flowers and burgundy foliage. 'Fire Twister' also has dark foliage, with contrasting scarlet flowers reaching 28" high.

Available end of May 2021


Daylilies will grow almost anywhere, and we love reblooming varieties. 'Earlybird Cardinal' and 'Oriole', cherry red and orange respectively, are 22" tall and can rebloom up to 4 times. 'Desert Flame' offers 5" wide, flame orange flowers on 36" stalks, reblooming through the summer. Producing up to 400 blooms a season, our 'EveryDaylily' series features yellow ('Yellow Punch'), peach ('Pink Wing') or scarlet ('Red Ribs) flowers on 15" stems, perfect for the garden border with all summer color.

The Shady Side

Heuchera 'Forever Red'

HEU Magma-500x300-0-1_edited.jpg

We are growing over 20 varieties of Heuchera in 2021! Touted as producing the reddest leaves yet, 'Forever Red' is a compact, 14" variety with brilliant red, ruffled leaves. The color intensifies in cooler weather, and persists through the winter. Delicate spires of white flowers attract summer pollinators. Happiest in partial shade with average soils, hardy to zone 4

Available late Summer 2021

Hosta 'Pocketful of Sunshine'


Hosta collectors love finding great new varieties, and so do we! Mini 'Pocketful of Sunshine' is a cute little Hosta with thick, cupped leaves that are chartreuse yellow with a broad, deep green margin. Light lavender flowers in midsummer attract bees and butterflies, reaching 9" tall. Happiest in partial to full shade and hardy to zone 3.

Available end of May 2021