Featured Perennials

With over 1,800 varieties to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite perennial. Here are a few we are really excited about for the 2019 season! 

Stachys 'Hummelo'

2019 Perennial Plant of the Year

'Hummelo' is as trouble free and dependable as it is eye-catching! Masses of 3-4 inch  lavender-rose flower spikes bloom through the summer on 18-24 inch stems. Clean, lush green foliage forms a low mound, and is semi-evergreen. The word "hummel" means bumblebee in German, and this perennial is a pollinator magnet. It's happiest in moist, full sun or partial shade.

Our perennial inventory consists of plants carried over from the previous season, and those newly planted, making it highly variable. Check our entire perennial inventory, but please call us for specific plant availability. Some plants may still be growing and will be available later in the season.

Sunny Perennials

Iris pumila

Iris pumila is a dwarf, early flowering species of bearded iris, blooming with the first hint of spring warmth. Charming and adorable at only 18 inches tall, they are happiest in full sun. 'Blue Demin' (shown) is a clear sky blue, 'Cherry Garden' is a rich amethyst and 'Brassie' is a bright golden yellow.

Solidago - Compact Goldenrod

Goldenrod is prized as a fall pollinator magnet, particularly important for monarch butterflies. The showy, golden flowers are drought and deer resistant, and long blooming. Clump forming 'Solar Cascade' reaches 2-3 feet, and is a native cultivar. 'Golden Fleece' is a short, compact variety at 12-18 inches, which does not spread.

Paeonia Itoh x 'Bartzella'

'Bartzella' is a unique cross between a garden type peony and a tree peony, resulting in huge lemon yellow fragrant flowers and strong stems. You won't need peony supports with this one! Very abundant flowering and hardy in zones 3-8, it prefers full sun. SOLD OUT

Coreopsis 'Lil Bang' Series

The 'Lil Bang' Coreopsis are prized for their tidy, compact habit, at only 10-12 inches tall with disease resistant, clean foliage, blooming all summer long. 'Darling Clementine' (shown) is a velvety orange with yellow tips. 'Goldilocks' is a sunny, golden yellow. SOLD OUT

The Shady Side

Heuchera 'Fire Alarm'

'Fire Alarm' is as hot as a Heuchera can get! Brilliant, bright red spring foliage turns a dark red in the summer, and then brightens again for fall. Excellent in shade or sun, with airy pink flowers in the summer, the glossy foliage is semi-evergreen. It gives its best color in cool weather and partial shade. SOLD OUT

Hosta 'Kingsize'

'Kingsize' certainly lives up to its name! This Hosta forms a massive clump of glossy, quilted green foliage, up to 48 inches tall by 72 inches wide. Lavender flowers emerge in the summer. A sport of the fabled 'Empress Wu', but without the waxy foliage, it is happiest with morning sun and room to grow. SOLD OUT

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