Featured Perennials

With over 1,800 varieties to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite perennial. Here are a few we are really excited about for the 2020 season! 

'Sun King'

2020 Perennial Plant of the Year

'Sun King' is all about color and brightening up a shady space. In partial shade, the leaves take on a brilliant golden yellow color, deepening to a chartreuse green in full shade. Tiny white flowers float among the foliage, giving way to clusters of black berries in the fall. Big and bold, 'Sun King' can reach 3' tall by 3' wide, and is stunning filler for the middle of the perennial garden. Pairs beautifully with Hosta and Astilbe.

Our perennial inventory consists of plants carried over from the previous season, and those newly planted, making it highly variable. Check our entire perennial inventory, but please call us for specific plant availability. Some plants may still be growing and will be available later in the season.

Sunny Perennials

Sedum 'Atlantis'

Our Sedum 'Atlantis' is a treasure for the perennial rock garden or border. Serrated leaves are dark green with a wide, creamy margin that immediately catches the eye, Yellow flowers in late summer are a favorite for bees and butterflies. Grows 4-6" tall by 10-12" wide, and is hardy to zone 4.

Catananche caerulea

Grown by seed right here at Acer, Catananche caerulea is a tall wildflower with lilac blue flowers and black eyes. Reaching 24" tall by 18" wide, it makes an excellent cut flower, and a pollinator favorite. Thrives in full sun, with average to dry soils.

Dianthus 'Dancing Geisha'

Grown by seed right here at Acer, 'Dancing Geisha' is not your typical garden carnation. Long fringed flowers bloom in a range of colors from white to pink to red bicolor, and can reach 10-12" tall. A wonderful and unusual cut flower for fresh arrangements, hardy to zone 5.

Coreopsis 'Leading Lady' Series

The 'Leading Lady' Coreopsis are prized for their tall, mounding habit, reaching 18" tall with disease resistant, clean foliage, blooming from June through September. 'Charlize' is a large, frilly double yellow. 'Sophia' features golden yellow flowers with tubular petals. 

The Shady Side

Extra Large Heuchera

This season we are growing several ultra large Heuchera, each reaching at least 24 inches tall by 2-3 feet wide! 'Magma' (shown) is a new vibrant red, with pink summer flowers. The foliage of 'Mega Caramel' is a blend of caramel to orange and rust red. 'Cloud Nine' is a new burgundy and bronze coral bell, with white flowers.

New Mini Hosta

Hosta collectors love finding great new varieties, and so do we! Mini 'Kiwi Spearmint' is only 6-8" tall, with creamy foliage and a green margin. 'Sun Mouse' is also a 6" tall mini, with golden yellow foliage. Our 9" tall 'Raspberry Sundae' (shown) features striking red stems, with variegated creamy and green foliage.

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