Herbs & Vegetables

Acer is proud to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, using an integrated pest management program. This means we combine natural, biological controls with organic pest and disease products, resulting in exceptionally clean plants. As often as possible, we select for disease resistant varieties that are less prone to blights and mildews, and often source organic seed. Here are a few herbs and veggies that you'll definitely want on your plate this year! 


German Chamomile


Known as an edible flower to garnish salads, desserts, and drinks, German Chamomile offers a sweet, grassy flavor. Good yields of small, honey scented, daisy-like flowers, which make a lovely tea for sleep and digestion. Produces flowers in 60-65 days, and can be used fresh or dried.

Corsican Mint

One of the strongest smelling members of the mint family, Corsican mint (Mentha requienii) is a creeping groundcover with bright green, fragrant foliage. Delightful in mixed containers, it also makes a wonderful garden stepable. Happiest in partial sun, it prefers average to moist soils. The tiny lilac flowers are a bonus in the summer! 

Mildew Resistant Basil

basil devotion.jpg

We love our 'Devotion' and Passion' basil! These Genovese type plants have a compact (but highly productive) habit, with large, cupped, medium green leaves. Slightly sweet and spicy aroma, with 74 days to maturity, Great for containers or in the garden. Incredibly resistant to downy mildew.


Bursting with fragrance, Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) is a tropical plant commonly used for aromatherapy  and perfume. Happiest in partial sun, it can be grown as an insect repellent in the garden, or carefully tended as a houseplant. Quick growing, it can easily reach 3' tall in a season. Note: this is a non-edible herb.


Peppers Corno di Toros

pepper corno_di_toro_ps.jpg

An early, productive, and great-tasting duo, red 'Carmen' and golden 'Escamillo' are both Corno di Toro or “bull’s horn” type Italian frying peppers. Dependable, beautiful and flavorful, this pair can be eaten fresh or cooked. 60 days to green, and 80 days to maturity.

Seed Potatoes

Available March 2021, we will offer seed potatoes! These mini potato tubers can be planted out into the garden for summer harvest. Varieties include burgundy and Covington sweet potatoes, as well as Red Norland, russet Burbank, Rose Finn, apple, German butterball, Huckleberry gold and California white.

Tomato 'Sunsugar'

Sun-Sugar tomato.jpg

When it comes to tomatoes, 'Sunsugar' is our customer favorite! Long clusters of super sweet, 1" orange fruit cascade off the plant until frost. Perfect for snacking and salads, it is one of the tastiest cherry tomatoes around. Indeterminate, 65 days to maturity.

Bok Choy 'Tatsoi Rosette'

Our new 'Tatsoi Rosette' is a heavy, vigousous white-stem bok choy. It forms a 6" tall, broad, heavy plant with dark green, spoon shaped leaves. This variety has a smoother texture and is more flavorful than typical bok choy, and is tolerant to heat and freezing temperatures, 45 days to maturity, or harvest young,

Beet 'Boldor'

boldor beet.jpg

'Boldor' is owner Sharon's favorite variety! Large, dark golden beets with a rich yellow interior that retains its color once cooked. The excellent, sweet flavor makes it unique among golden beets. The young leaves are a wonderful salad addition. 55 days to maturity, and hardy to zone 2 for extra early and late fall planting.

Garlic & Onion Sets

In addition to our packs of bunching green onions, shallots and leeks, bare onions sets will be available March 2021. Dutch onion red, Dutch onion yellow, bare shallots, and Stuttgarter yellow; plant onion sets in early spring for summer harvest. Chilled soft neck garlic sets will also be available!

Cucumber 'Parisian Gherkin'

'Parisian Gherkin' is a pickling cucumber with numerous black spined fruits on vigorous vines. Resists bitterness under stress. Small seed cavity and size makes them a nice for pickling or snacking. Very disease resistant, 50 days to maturity. Adapts well to container growing.

Asparagus 'Jersey Knight'

'Jersey Knight' is a spring delicacy, with vigorous, thick spears of edible foliage emerging in early April. After harvest, the feathery foliage of asparagus makes a lovely background for the summer garden, mixing in well with perennials and cut flowers. Hardy to zone 3, happiest in full sun.