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Acer is proud to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, using an integrated pest management program. This means we combine natural, biological controls with organic pest and disease products, resulting in exceptionally clean plants. As often as possible, we select for disease resistant varieties that are less prone to blights and mildews. Here are a few herbs and veggies that you'll definitely want on your plate this year! 


Fennel 'Orion'

This fennel is small on space but big on flavor! Unlike other fennel that shades out your garden, 'Orion' stays compact at 2' x 2', with strong bulbs and a rich flavor. Best for spring and autumn crops, 80 days to maturity. The lacy foliage, stalks, bulbs and crunchy seeds are all edible, with a delicate licorice flavor.

Basil 'Siam Queen'

'Siam Queen' is a classic Thai basil that also shines in Italian dishes with a sweet flavor and a very strong aroma. The delicate foliage is more stable than other sweet basil when cooked at high temperatures. Vibrant green leaves make for a beautiful pesto, and the rich purple flowers make a colorful garnish. 24 inches tall, with 60 days to maturity.




'Baron' is an highly adaptable, large fruited Ancho pepper, with higher yields and better consistency than the classic 'Tiburon'. Up to 5" long and 3" wide, the two lobed shape is perfect for stuffing. 65 days until green peppers, or 85 days for red. Resistant to bacterial leaf spot.

Squash 'Cuarzo'

'Cuarzo' is a lighter gray-green zucchini with excellent yield and a long harvest window. The stems and foliage are very strong and resistant to powdery mildew, with an open crown that allows for easy harvest and air circulation. Attractive and delicious at only 40 days to maturity.

Melon 'Minnesota Midget'

'Minnesota Midget'  is an ever-so-sweet melon that arrives early, making it a good choice for New England gardens. Small 4" melons are a rich yellow, with excellent flavor and a high sugar content. Perfect for smaller gardens, the compact vines grow to only 3' and produce prolifically.75 days to maturity.

Tomato 'Genuwine'

'Genuwine' is a beautiful combination of old and new, an heirloom 'marriage' hybrid. Large slicing fruit is a deep red-pink with high acidity, juiciness, and full of flavor. Vining and indeterminate, 75 days to maturity. Cross of 'Brandywine' and 'Costoluto Genovese'.

Pepper 'Round of Hungary'

'Round of Hungary' is a specialty pimento cheese pepper, excellent for stuffing, grilling or eaten fresh. The ribbed, flattened fruit mature early, and have a thick, sweet flesh. 75 days to maturity for ripe red fruit, or pick the green peppers at 55 days.

Eggplant 'Listada De Gandia'

'Listada De Gandia' is a gorgeous old heirloom eggplant, with 5-6" long fruits with beautiful purple and white stripes. The thin skin does not require peeling. Excellent flavor and heavy yields. 70 days to maturity, with plants reaching 3' tall. Thrives in the heat of the summer.

Leek 'American Flag'

'American Flag' offers thick, blue-green leaves and large white stems, perfect for soups and stews. This heirloom variety grows 20" tall, and at 120 days to maturity, it is a wonderful fall and winter crop. Plant in full sun for best harvest.

Cucumber 'Telegraph'

'Telegraph' is an heirloom,  long slicing cucumber, with green fruits up to 18" long. English cucumbers are longer and thinner than traditional cukes, with very small soft seeds, and a tender skin. Best when grown on trellises, the vines can reach 8' in length. Only 60 days to maturity

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