Featured Trees & Shrubs

Acer Gardens grows too many varieties of trees & shrubs to list on our website! Here a few notable varieties for the 2020 season. If you are looking for a specific cultivar or species, please give us a call for availability. Our stock is always changing.

Buddleia 'Grand Cascade'

Our new 'Grand Cascade' butterfly bush is big and beautiful! Huge panicles of lavender purple flowers are 12-14" long and up to 4" thick, attracting clouds of pollinators in late summer. In full sun, this twiggy shrub can reach 6' tall by 7' wide, so give it lots of space to grow!

Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira'

With dense tufts of foliage that look somewhat like the mane of a lion, 'Shishigashira' is also known as the Lion's Head Japanese maple. A slow growing, upright cultivar with dark green, crinkled leaves that turn a rich yellow orange in late fall. Can reach 15' tall by 8' wide over many years, and prefers light shade.

Styrax 'Carillon'

'Carillon' is a compact, deciduous flowering tree with horizontal branches and a rounded crown. Pendulous, bell shaped, fragrant white flowers bloom in May-June, giving way to olive-like gray fruits. Peeling gray-orange bark adds winter interest. Can reach 20' tall by 10' wide. 

Ilex crenata 'Drops of Gold'

'Drops of Gold' is a broad, upright-spreading, compact selection of holly which matures to 3-4' tall by 4-5' wide. It is noted for its glossy, evergreen leaves with variable yellow gold variegation. Slow growing with best color in full sun.

Rosa hybrid 'Arborose Quicksilver'

'Arborose Quicksilver' is a double, lavender flower with a light fragrance. Growing 7' tall by 4' wide, it is a reblooming climber with excellent disease resistance. Hardy to zone 5.

Cryptomeria 'Globosa Nana'

'Globosa Nana' is a dwarf globular variety of Japanese cedar with uniform, loose branching and nodding tips. Pointed foliage is dense and compact, turning yellowish green in the heat of the summer and more blueish green in winter. This heirloom shrub will only reach 35 inches tall and wide over 10 years.

Fruit Trees & Edible Berry Plants

Apple Trees

Acer Gardens grows a wide variety of hardy apple trees. All will produce lots of flavorful  apples! Check out our availability. 


Violette De Bordeaux Fig

Violette de Bordeaux Fig produces small, sweet, purple-black fruit with a deep red pulp ripening in the fall. Enjoy the fruit fresh or dried.  Grows 6'-10' tall and does not need a pollinator.  These are fruiting sized plants! Will need protection during winter months.  Chicago' and 'Little Ruby' also available.


Potomac Pear

The Potomac Pear is a European pear that produces a medium-sized juicy fruit  with a buttery flesh.  Fruit ripens in September and is highly disease-resistant.  The Potomac pear grows 12'-15' tall and wide and no pollinator is needed. Grows well in zone 5.


Raspberries & Blackberries

Enjoy berries all season long!  Choose among some of the most productive fruiting varieties on the market.  SOLD OUT

Ball & Burlap Tree Planting Guide

Enjoy our step by step tree planting video with Bill Harris.  For more detailed information, read our handout on Tree Planting. 

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