Acer's Garden Products

In addition to growing and selling our own plant material, we offer many unique products to help you with all your garden needs. All of our items are available at the Nursery in our iconic Red Shed.



We offer our custom blended Alpine Mix, developed and packaged exclusively by Acer Gardens. The perfect mix of sand, peat, perlite, grit and fine gravel. We recommend this blend for any alpine trough garden, and it is excellent for succulents and citrus plants.

Our #new pottery shed is filling up fast


Our new pottery shed is fully stocked with wonderful selection of ceramic, coir coco, plastic, terracotta, resin and stone containers and hanging baskets. We also offer a number of artistic terrariums, wall hangers and window boxes for any outdoor space. Don't forget that Acer's staff can assist with any design needs.

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Add some vertical structure to your garden with our Acer collection of obelisks, trellises, arches, benches, shepherd hooks and plant stands. Available in a number of designs and finishes. Acer also offers stone and ceramic bird baths and fountains in many styles, to suit a variety of garden designs and tastes. 



Between the deer, chipmunks, voles, rabbits and squirrels, it seems like everyone wants a bite out of your garden. We offer a range of effective sprays and granular products to deter these fuzzy garden intruders. Planting pest resistant material also helps! In case of pest or disease trouble, we also offer a number of safe, effective and easy to use disease and insect control products. 

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Our Acer SuperGrow 18-6-18 and 17-5-10 are ideal for constant feeding throughout the growing season. These are the fertilizer that we use here at the nursery, and we love the results. The granular 18-6-18 dissolves easily in water, and is designed to be used with a watering can by the home gardener. Our 17-5-10 is a pelleted slow release for growing in containers, and feeds for up to 9 months. Use both together for best results.



We offer our custom blended topsoil, amended with compost to the perfect pH for exceptional plant growth. Available for pickup in half yard and one yard increments or deliveries of 4 yards or more. Bark mulch and premium straight compost are also available by half yard and one yard increments. This blend should never be used for planted containers.  For containers use a potting mix that provides adequate drainage yet retains sufficient moisture for plant growth.



We offer the Felco brand of garden pruners and saws, as well as leather holders and repair kits. Properly cared for, Felcos can last a lifetime and an industry standard. Acer also offers an extensive selection of stylish and practical garden gloves, shovels, watering cans, plant ties, stakes and plant supports.



Our Promix is a custom potting soil blended with mycorrhizae. Baccto potting mix is available in a smaller size bag, ideal for container growing. The Cow is a light weight, odorless bagged compost that we recommend for amending the soil whenever new plants are added. We recommend adding gypsum to heavy clay soils. The gypsum helps to bind organic matter to the clay, which helps increase the root spaces. It is a neutral calcium salt that does not affect the soil pH. To accelerate the process, we recommend mixing it into your soil. For a finished look, add our bagged cedar mulch or bagged topsoil.

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We sell high quality, mixed blends of premium grass seed, suitable for sunny or shady conditions. It is sold in 25 pound bags for large areas, or can be purchased per pound. We also offer bales of straw for light mulching of newly seeded areas or bare spots. Our Acer's SuperGrow 18-5-9 slow released pelleted fertilizer is designed for use in the spring for the perennial garden or as a lawn starter. For more established lawns, apply our 28-0-3 from spring until fall.