Houseplants and Tropical Plants

Jump into the hottest new trend in the green industry with our sunny succulents, bold foliage tropicals, or shady pops of color! From spring until Christmas, our houseplants are always ready to find a new home and bring the outdoors inside. Available in small containers or hanging baskets, perfect for small spaces, terrariums and fairy gardens.


Echeveria & Haworthia

The less water, the better! Echeveria and Haworthia are rosette forming succulents with thick, fleshy leaves in a variety of colors and patterns. Even better, they send up brightly colored flowers. Some varieties include 'Topsy Turvy', 'Shaviana', 'Black Prince', 'Rosea' and 'Holy Gate'.


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Pearl necklaces may seem old fashioned,

Are you seeking some eco-friendly jewelry? Look no further than our Senecio 'String of Pearls', 'String of Bananas', and 'String of Dolphins', all perfect for hanging baskets or as a spiller for tall containers. Senecio fulgens and Senecio crassissimus also available. 



Get your Jade here! A fast growing genus, these succulents are carefree and fun, offering a huge variety of foliage colors and textures. They can grow quite large with age, and will tolerate light shade. 

Aloe & Gasteraloe

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Aloe vea is well known for its medicinal qualities, but the genus goes much farther than that. Prickly, spotted foliage in shades of green yield a clear sap when broken, with some dwarf varieties. Gasteraoles offer smoother tips, but with a bumpy texture. Tiny Faucaria offer sunny flowers too! These guys like it dry and sunny. 

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Our succulent inventory consists of plants carried over from the previous season, and those newly planted, making it highly variable. Check our entire succulent inventory, but please call us for specific plant availability. Available in 2 inch pots, 4.5 inch pots, and 6 inch hanging baskets.  Some plants may still be growing and will be available later in the season. 

Shady Tropicals

Foliage Begonias

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Bright colors, lovely spirals, dainty flowers - Begonias have it all. This foliage plant can be grown as an outdoor annual, or enjoyed year-round inside in a shady spot. Be careful not to overwater! Varieties include 'Escargot', 'Fedor', 'Paso Doble' and several large Jurassic series Begonias.



Texture, texture, texture! Happiest in shade and kept moist, delicate, lacy ferns make a lovely addition to any space. Add them to a terrarium for added moisture, or hang a basket near the shower for a tropical touch. Maybe our Rabbit's Foot Ferns can bring you some good luck?



This delightful houseplant is cute and compact, giving you a large impact for a small space. Pepperomia are happy in bright, indirect light, well suited for office spaces.  The fleshy leaves hold moisture, making it drought tolerant.  Lots of colors and textures available!



Although botanically speaking highly primitive plants, Selaginella adds a modern touch to low light homes. The fluffy foliage is similar to that of ferns, forming small tufts or low creeping mats. Keep moist, and care for it like a fern.

Sunny Tropicals

Ficus benjamina


Ficus is a classic indoor plant with arching branches and small, pointed leaves. It's one of the most popular houseplants, known for it's slow growth habit and glossy foliage, making it an excellent bonsai starter. They're easily stressed, so try not to move them around too much. 



White and pink mottled leaves make it seem as if this tropical plant has been dusted with snow. Breynia, or snow bush, is a quick growing, compact houseplant, great for sunny containers. Make sure you keep it moist!

False Aralia


Add drama to your home or office with this slow growing houseplant, great for bright areas. Dark, feathery foliage and speckled stems are unusual, growing more lacy with age. Let dry between waterings. Classified as Dizygotheca and Schfflera.



Purple and retro, the Tradescantia is back in fashion! Purple Variegated foliage cascades out of hanging baskets for a burst of low maintenance color. Very fast growing, and roots easily for holiday gifting. Tricolor, Lemon Zebra and Nanouk also available.             


Pitcher Plant.jpg

Natural pest control at your fingertips! Our Nepenthes, or tropical pitcher plant, is an epiphytic plant that produces modified leaves with small colorful cups. These cups secrete nectar that attracts and kills insects, which the plant then uses as a source of food. They thrive in high humidity and bright light.