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Jump into the hottest trend in the green industry with our succulents.  From spring until Christmas, our succulents are always ready to find a new home.  Available in small containers, hanging baskets, or mixed arrangements.

2020-03-17-Echeveria setosa.jpg


Echeverias offer amazing color, interesting leaf textures and growth habits. Some resemble heads of lettuce with frilly leaves, others produce amazing rosettes. Some are very small and subtle in color. They are shallow-rooted plants and benefit from the addition of organic matter to the soil. The more sun they get the more they will display their colors and shapes. Hardy only to Zone 9, these plants cannot be left outside for the winter.

2020- string of pearls in pot.jpg


Are you seeking some eco-friendly jewelry? Look no further than our 'String of Pearls', 'String of Bananas', and 'String of Dolphins', all perfect for hanging baskets or as a spiller for tall containers.

crassula hobbit.jpg


your Jade here! A fast growing genus, these succulents are carefree and fun, offering a huge variety of foliage colors and textures. They can grow quite large with age, and will tolerate light shade. 

2020-01-10- Purple Tradescantia


Our Tradescantia collection is bursting with stripes and swirls of color, simply begging to be planted in hanging baskets or windowsill planters.  Plant these beauties in full to partial sun in the garden (during warm weather), or grow them as a houseplant in a sunny window. 



Winter blooming succulents bring us an amazing amount of cheer.  Schlumbergera cactus are tree dwelling cacti native to Brazil, and prefer partial shade and moderate humidity.  Yellow and Red Christmas Cactus are available all season long, so don't wait until poinsettia time to come get yours, or they may be all gone. 



Aloes come in a wide range of sizes. They are primarily summer growers and “rest” in the winter although some of the new smaller species bloom from January to March or even longer. They do need a bright location during the winter and should not be located near a cold window. Many people keep an Aloe plant in the kitchen to use in case of burns.

2020- Agava 'Variegata' (Acer).jpg


Agave have leathery, succulent leaves that form rosettes.  The leaf margins are lined with small teeth and tipped with a sharp spine.  All are happy in full sun with minimal water. 



The delicate flowers on our Mammillaria plumosa are a welcome fall suprise, with 1" wide, papery blooms emerging from the soft, feathery spines.  Happiest in full sun with very dry, gritty soils, our feather cactus is native to Northeastern Mexico, and hardy to zone 9



Has impressive rosettes of glossy burgundy and black foliage on thick, succulent stems.  Enjoying the full sun, this evergreen houseplant thrives in warm, dry conditions, growing as large as it's container will allow.  Shallow rooted, so be careful not to overpot it.  'Zwarktop' needs a bit more water than your typical succulent, and can grow up to 4' tall over time.



This trailing succulent houseplant is incredibly easy to grow, requiring very little water or attention.  Great in hanging baskets or ceramic containers, with blue gray foliage that spills over in abundance, it is happiest in full to part sun.  Also known as Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail, it's a popular little plant that sometimes produces red-orange flowers.  Be advised that the luxurious, weeping stems are very brittle, and the plant should be handled with care

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