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Exciting New Plant Introductions
for the 2024 Gardening Season

This year’s new selections offer many wonderful choices … old favorites have been updated to feature increased fragrance and outstanding foliage, many long-blooming favorites have been given a new sparkle and a wide selection of new, smaller cultivars has been introduced to make them suitable for many different areas of the average garden. After all, we like to try new plants too! (If you’re not sure about where to plant something new, plant it in a pot and move the pot around until you find its permanent dig-me-in home!) The choices are wide-ranging and all are very tempting! Here are just a few entries to whet your gardening appetite and help you plan for the season ahead!


Need a spot of color somewhere new? Thinking of adding a focal point? Want to feast your eyes on something pretty while you sit in the shade? A new shrub may be the very answer you’re looking for!


Hibiscus 'chiffon starblast'

This Rose-of-Sharon flowers earlier and longer than other varieties with striking white flowers set off by a double hot pink starburst center. Blooms on new wood and makes a great accent bush. 8' tall.


hydrangea 'frill ride'

This macrophylla features large, frilly flowers which reflect the soil pH and range from red-pink to blue. Long blooming and heat resistant. 3' tall.


hydrangea 'dragon baby'

This panicle hydrangea thrives in full sun and heat, blooming steadily from mid-summer on. Blooms start off lime green but will turn bright pink. 3' tall.


sorbaria 'cherry on top'

Fern-like foliage matures to a light green with bronze tips. Pyramidal white flowers are followed by red seed pods, loved by birds. 5' tall.


Flowering trees define a New England spring! Perhaps the best way to celebrate National Arbor Day is to plant a flowering tree which will brighten many springs to come!

cercis black pearl.jpg

Cercis 'black Pearl'

This eastern redbud understory tree produces maroon leaves with lavender-pink blossoms in the spring. Takes full sun to part shade with yellow fall color. 15' tall.

cercis sparkling wine.jpg

Cercis 'sparkling wine'

Glossy multi-hued purple, red and green leaves make this compact tree a spectacular choice for the garden. Pink redbud blooms emerge in early spring. 12'-15' tall.

malus emerald spire.jpg


'emerald spire'

In midspring, this columnar crabapple is covered in fuschia and white blooms. Pointed leaves turn gold in the fall. Attracts birds. Needs full sun. 20' tall.

cornus heart throb.jpg

cornus 'heart throb'

This outstanding Cornus kousa has early summer deep rosy-pink blooms that last for a month! Bright red fall leaf color when grown in full sun. 12' tall.


Part of the fun of growing perennials is tucking-in new and improved versions of old favorites or adding a little spice with new colors. Think about adding some of these:


Astilbe 'ostrich plume'

Unique dropping salmon-pink blossoms with an arching flower light up a shade garden. Fern-like foliage; deer and rabbit resistant. 36" tall.

phlox fancy girl.jpg


'fancy girl'

Soft pink flowers with a dark pink eye bloom for a long time, attracting all pollinators. Foliage is mildew resistant. 30" tall.

peony hawaiian coral.jpg


'pink Hawaiian coral'

Huge double blooms from May to June change color as they age, moving from rose coral to coral to cream. Intensely fragrant. 36" tall.


phlox 'jeana'

The 2024 Perennial of the Year! Lavender-pink, fragrant flowers bloom for many months. Outstanding mildew resistance. Irresistible to butterflies. 36" tall.


Annuals continue to provide a wide range of choice to the gardener. This year, new color combinations are dazzling and sure to catch your eye. Whether used to brighten containers, flower beds, hanging baskets, window boxes, patios or decks, there are annual choices for everyone. This summer, think about adding:

rudbeckia sunbeckia carla.jpg

rudbeckia 'sunbeckia carla'

Strong, sturdy stems deliver huge deep golden flowers with a red halo. No pinching required. Bee friendly. 16" tall.

verbena firehouse peppermint.jpg

verbena 'firehouse peppermint'

Novelty variety with red and white flowers. Mixes well with other plants; heat tolerant, mildew resistant. Great in containers, hanging baskets or rock gardens. 10" tall.

petunia frosted sapphire.jpg

petunia 'frosted sapphire'

Double blue flowers with white edges. Mounded habit shows well in containers and hanging baskets. Atrracts bees. 8" tall.

fuschia ballerina arabesque.jpg

fuschia 'ballerina arabesque'

Compact, upright plants with ruffled white blooms red outer petals. Heat tolerant and bushy. Will bloom in part shade from late April through a hard frost. 12" tall.


eggplant thanos.jpg

eggplant 'thanos'

This classic spineless, black eggplant matures in 65 days. Highly prolific.

pepper sweet sunrise.jpg

pepper 'sweet sunrise'

A dark green pepper ripening to yellow/orange. Consistently highly-yielding, producing large fruits.

tomato prudens purple.jpg

tomato 'pruden's purple'

Large, rich, delicious and a deep pink. Early picking, cold-tolerant; contains very few seeds. Heirloom.

tomato whopping red.jpg

tomato 'whopping red'

A slicing tomato, juicy and flavorful. Resists cracking.

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