SEasonal Plants

Acer Garden is located in the Northeast United States, so our weather is ever changing. Every season brings in new and exciting plants and materials, specific to the time of year. 


poinsettia gh with hangers

Did your know that we grow over 1100 poinsettias every year, right here in our annual greenhouses? We start them in July, and they are available for sale around Thanksgiving. We also offer a variety of amaryllis, greens and fresh cut Christmas trees, as well as seasonal gifts. 

Oops, we missed our first #tuliptuesday! Did you know that bulbs need the cold chill of wi

The days are getting longer and the ground is getting warmer, Spring must be right around the corner! Pansies and cool season flowers are can tolerate light April frosts, with the average last frost in early May. We also offer vegetable starts, forced bulbs, and colorful hydrangeas and geraniums.

Rudbeckia 'Minibeckia Flame'

Long warm days and ample sunshine makes Summer a beautiful time to be in the garden. We have plants as far as the eye can see, as well as plenty of shady spaces to rest from the sun. Visit us for colorful plants, garden products, fun workshops and visual delights.

Did someone say #pumpkin spice__._.jpg

Cool weather, and dependable rains makes Fall a very enjoyable season to work in the garden, and a perfect time for planting.  Visit us to see our assortment of late-blooming flowering plants, as well as pumpkins and frost tolerant annuals.