A delivery surcharge is added for locations that require our trucks to travel over 45 minutes, round trip. Choose your town to complete your order. A surcharge may or may not apply for your location. Loads cannot be split up into multiple locations on a property.

Town of Delivery, choose location


    Delivery available for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. *Minimum order of 4 yards is required.* Our delivery trucks can hold up to 10 yards of material at a time. Soil delivery and mulch delivery cannot be combined in the same load, and each requires a 4 yard minimum.


    Customer must be present at the time of delivery, or the unloading area must be clearly marked. Our trucks require a 9 foot wide opening on firm, level ground on which to drive and dump material. Loads cannot be split up into multiple locations on a propterty.


    Acer Gardens is not responsible for property damage done by trucks. Any buried utilities or pipes should be identified ahead of time by the customer. Delivery driver reserves final judgement, if site selection is unsuitable to accomodate our truck. 

447 Winthrop Road, Deep River, CT.

(860) 526-9056

Open Mon-Sat 8:30-5pm, Sun 8:30-4pm

Mid March through Christmas Eve

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